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Control of arrival of cargoes and documents

The TRID company always introduces new useful services for the clients which can help to simplify the process of cargo transportation. It is confirmed by urgency of the service of control of arrival of cargo and accompanying documentation. You can easily put us in charge of this service and be sure that your cargo will always be safe and all the regulations will be met during the transportation.


Especially for this we have several specialists in our staff whose main responsibility is to realize the control. They have many years of experience behind them in this sphere, brilliant knowledge of all the procedures’ peculiarities as well as an immense desire to satiate all even the most exclusive desires.


We will check the amount of goods, make sure of the integrity of the package and, if necessary, even make an examination of physical condition. You will know about all our actions, we will provide you with a photo-report and, If requested, with a documentational certificate on the results of the examination. 





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