For trading companies and producers:

We organize your temporary warehouse in a flexible area on our territory and the management of incoming and outgoing shipments using electronic software. We accept loads of any volume and responsible storage. We develop logistical processes up to the customer and process the loads taking into account the optimization of your costs.

Customs agents:

We are your customer-neutral warehouse and transport in Europe (collecting cargo across Europe, receiving cargo in seaports and airports with registration of transit declarations).

Use of our EU license for bonded warehouses

Use of our EU license for ZE (approved consignee)

We are your optimal and reliable partner in foreign trade and have all the necessary customs permits.

Furthermore, we offer you groupage transport of your groupage goods, no matter what type and size, to your prescribed customs terminal in Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, but also to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Assabajan, Turkmenistan and more.

As carrier:

We collect your shipments in our warehouse - regardless of whether they are free or dutiable - and send you all the data updated on a daily basis.

Bonded warehouse services for shipments that need to be stored for a longer period of time or are to be picked.

We also have qualified employees with many years of experience and various foreign language skills.

Trust us with your logistics and Transports and you will never have problems again!

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